CFA Awards $125,000 for Butler County Water Consolidation Project

The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) today awarded a $125,000 Small Water & Sewer Program grant for a water system consolidation project in northern Butler County, according to Senator Don White.

The Petroleum Valley Regional Water Authority (PVRWA) received the grant to connect 67 customers from the Miller Water Company into its system in Karns City.

Miller Water is under a Department of Environmental Protection order to make significant upgrades to its current system. The company cannot cover the cost of those upgrades and is turning its customers over to PVRWA.

“This is an important project since the Miller Water system provides service to Karns City High School, the Penreco refinery and a number of residential customers,” Senator White said. “This funding will support the effort by the PVRWA to consolidate the water systems and meet the needs of customers while reducing the financial burden to ratepayers.”

The CFA was established as an independent agency of the Commonwealth to administer Pennsylvania’s economic stimulus packages. The CFA holds fiduciary responsibility over the funding of programs and investments in Pennsylvania’s economic growth.

Contact:          Joe Pittman