Senate White Responds to Governor’s Veto of Workers’ Comp Reform

Senator Don White, R-41 and Chairman of the Senate Banking & Insurance Committee, issued the following statement regarding Governor Wolf’s veto of a measure that would have saved costs and addressed opioid abuse under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation program today (April 27).

Senate Bill 936, which Senator White sponsored, would have required the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to adopt an evidence-based drug formulary for Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation program. 

“I am disappointed Governor Wolf has chosen to veto SB936 and side with political donors instead of ensuring quality care for injured workers.  Simply stated, this is not government that works.  By vetoing this bill, the Governor has proven his talk about addressing the opioid crisis is hollow.  Instead of immediately enacting real solutions to help Pennsylvania combat the opioid crisis, he brought forward a sham of an executive order that promises no real reform.  His effort to hide behind an executive order that allows him to pay homage to his political cronies is quite transparent.  Pennsylvanians should be as embarrassed and outraged as I am.  Nevertheless, I’ll continue to pursue meaningful action to address what the governor has recognized as a problem, but miserably failed to solve when he had the chance.” 


Contact:          Joe Pittman