State Grants Support Water and Sewer Projects around the Region

The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) awarded a number of grants on September 18 to support water and sewer system improvement projects across the 41st Senatorial District, according to Senator Don White.

The CFA was established as an independent agency of the Commonwealth to administer Pennsylvania’s economic stimulus packages. The CFA holds fiduciary responsibility over the funding of programs and investments in Pennsylvania’s economic growth.

Indiana County

The CFA awarded $300,000 in Small Water & Sewer Program grants for two projects in Indiana County.

The Central Indiana County Water Authority received a $200,000 grant for the installation of 5,200 feet of water lines and associated valves, fittings and fire hydrants along Neal Road in Center Township. “Providing safe and reliable water service to local residents has been one of my top priorities,” Senator White said. “This funding will support the effort by the Authority to upgrade its water system and meet the needs of their customers while reducing the financial burden to ratepayers.”

White Township received a $100,000 grant to construct a central sewage system for the village of Fulton Run to eliminate the use of malfunctioning on-lot sewage systems. “The Fulton Run project has been on the boards for some time since this is a unique and remote area that presents some difficulties for this sewer project,” Senator White said. “Once completed, this service will make the area more attractive for future development.”

Armstrong County

The CFA two projects in northeastern Armstrong County were awarded more than $450,000 in grants by the CFA.

Dayton Borough received a $253,998 grant to replace the filter and chemical feed system at its water supply plant. Specifically, the money will be used to replace two greensand filters, the chemical feed equipment, the clearwell cover and an emergency stand-by generator. The filters were originally installed in 1969 and parts for the plant are expensive and difficult to find.

Rural Valley Borough received a $196,213 grant to rehabilitate its water treatment plant. Plans for that project include installation of a permanent cover on the sediment basin to meet state standards. The chlorine feed system, electrical conduits and piping have reached the end of their useful life and will be replaced. The total project cost is $461,200.

“This funding will support the efforts by Dayton and Rural Valley to upgrade their water systems and meet the needs of their customers. Just as important, thanks to these grants, the improvements will be made while reducing the financial burden to ratepayers,” Senator White said.

Butler County

The CFA awarded a $125,000 Small Water & Sewer Program grant for a water system consolidation project in northern Butler County.

The Petroleum Valley Regional Water Authority (PVRWA) received the grant to connect 67 customers from the Miller Water Company into its system in Karns City. Miller Water is under a Department of Environmental Protection order to make significant upgrades to its current system. The company cannot cover the cost of those upgrades and is turning its customers over to PVRWA.

“This is an important project since the Miller Water system provides service to Karns City High School, the Penreco refinery and a number of residential customers,” Senator White said. “This funding will support the effort by the PVRWA to consolidate the water systems and meet the needs of customers while reducing the financial burden to ratepayers.”


Contact:          Joe Pittman